Guru Nanak Dev Ji Wedding Anniversary: ​​’Baba Nanak Da Viya’

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the founder of Sikhism and the first Guru of the Sikhs.
Guru Nanak Dev Ji Wedding Anniversary: ​​'Baba Nanak Da Viya'

In 1487, Guru Nanak Dev ji married Mata Sulkhni ji, the daughter of Chona Khatri Mulchand of Batala’s district Gurdaspur. Sulakhni, the daughter of a tax official, had a lavish wedding ceremony. Guru Sahib, on the other hand, refused to adhere to the Brahmin marital customs of the day.
He and Bibi Sulkhni Ji took seven rounds of the holy fire and performed the marriage with four rounds and the procession starts from Gurdwara Dera Sahib and ends at Gurdwara Kand Sahib, where their marriage is concluded after passing through the main markets of the city. Happened.
Every year the marriage wedding anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji is made with a lot of fanfare, band Bajo and patka bursting.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the first guru of Sikhism.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Wedding Anniversary: ​​’Baba Nanak Da Viya’

The wedding anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism, and his wife Mata Sulkhani, will be celebrated every year today. This year the 534th wedding anniversary will be celebrated. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s wife, Mata Sulkhni Ji was the daughter of Mool Chand who hailed from Batala city of Gurdaspur district of Punjab.

Usually, special rituals are performed on the wedding anniversary of Gurudwara Kandh Sahib, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and Mata Sulkhani. Popularly known as ‘Baba Nanak Da Viya’, the tradition of celebrating Nanak Dev Ji’s wedding anniversary started in 1917 when a priest named Kesara Singh organized the ‘Akhand Path’ at Gurdwara Kandh Sahib.

The wedding ceremony took place in 1487. The bride’s father wanted an elaborate wedding, but Baba Nanak Dev Ji opted for an easier ritual. While discussing the marriage, Nanak Dev Ji was sitting near an earthen wall that was badly damaged due to rain.


A woman built a wall to Baba Nanak Dev Ji Refused to sit near him and asked to stay far away from him, but he said that this wall will remain like this for ages and nothing will happen to him nor will it fall.

This wall is still as it is today. It is known as Gurdwara Kandh Sahib. This wall is kept in the mirror. At some distance from this Gurdwara is the house of Mata Sulkhni Ji which is now known as Gurdwara Dera Sahib. Guru Nanak Dev ji took four rounds and married Mata Sulakhni ji.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the founding father of Sikhism. According to the normal Nanakshahi calendar, Nanak was born on Purnima Tithi (full moon day) within the month of Cuttack. He was born in a village called Rai Bhoi Ki Talwandi near Lahore(Pakistan), now known as Nankana Sahib.

Baba Shri Chand Ji Jayanti 2022-Birthday of Baba Shri Chand Ji

Many many congratulations on the birthday of Baba Shri Chand Ji, the elder son of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Dhan Dhan Baba Shri Chand Ji Jayanti, Baba Shree Chand Ji was born on 9 September 1494 in Sultanpur Lodhi in Kapurthala district of Punjab to Mata Sulkhani. Baba Shri Chand Ji birthday is celebrated with great fanfare, Jaga Jaga langars are set up on a large scale, Gurudwaras are decorated and Sardalu comes from far and wide for darshan.

Baba Shri Chand Ji jayanti
Baba Shri Chand Ji

Barth Sahib Gurudwara – Pathankot

Gurdwara “Barth Sahib” Holy Sarovar.

In Gurdwara Shri “Barth Sahib” (Pathankot), where Baba Shri Chand Ji spent a lot of time in penance here and has Dhuna (wood) which is always burning. Baba Ji himself had dug a well to help the devotees.

which is now known as “Barth Sahib” (Sarovar Sahib), which is situated on the bank of the well. Baba Shri Chand Ji lived an extraordinarily long life. He was the founder of Sikhism.

Baba Shri Chand Ji achieved mastery in yoga at a very young age. He remained devoted to his father, Baba Nanak, and founded the “Udasi” movement within Sikhism.

Arti Gurdwara Tahli Shahib Gahlri

Many of his writings are no longer a part of Mantra Sahib, Udasi Shastra. Baba Shri Chand Ji is most famous for preaching peaceful coexistence among all religions. Apart from Sikhs, both Muslim and Hindu Indians give him great respect. Some Hindus consider him to be an “incarnation” of Shiva.

Baba Shri Chand Ji played the role of an important Sikh saint. He always preached humanity. His education was based on primary non-violence. Baba Shri Chand Ji mainly preached that both happiness and sorrow are two aspects of our life.

It will stay with us from birth till death. It should be weighed equally. Baba Shri Chand Ji spread awareness among people far and wide.

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